"Behind the Lens" Part 45 Swedish Archipelago

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Published 06:52 on 8 Oct 2020

One of the best kept secrets in sailing are the cruising grounds on the west coast of Sweden, starting just outside of Gothenburg and stretching all the way up to Norway is one of the most beautiful areas for cruising in the world.

As a family we have cruised there many times, usually just in the stretch between Marstrand and Lysekil which is only about 25 miles in a straight line but that's more than enough for a weeks cruising on a little Folkboat. There are hundreds of islands, sheltered coves and beautiful pink granite rock.Spending time out on the islands is very relaxing and the picture perfect harbours like Gullholmen and Käringön have good guest areas and there is no tide to worry about.There are a couple of websites that do charters from private owners at very reasonable cost.

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